Security doors do a lot to protect from burglars, pest intrusions, storms, fires, and other elemental hazards. By installing a long lasting security door, you’re not only taking the first step to prevent against damage, but you’re investing in your property. It’s important to find the right security solutions for your house, based on location, size, and risk of damage.


Having a sturdy frame made out of metal is much more secure than a timber or plaster frame. Aluminium is the metal of choice for security doors, because it is easy to integrate, affordable, and extremely sturdy. Think of the frame as the base — you want a base that will hold up a door and allow it to do its job to the full extent.


Using a solid hardwood door or metal door is an essential piece to security. Your door may include decorative casting to make it more inaccessible for intruders.


Mesh serves as anything from a fibreglass mosquito net to a stainless steel impenetrable barrier for burglars. For the best protection, using a stainless steel security screen on your front door and side or back doors will help prevent intrusion. If it is coated in zinc or a similar material, it can also help resist or delay storm and fire damage.

You can choose from a variety of mesh types, including privacy screens. These are coated in a way that makes it difficult to see in, but easy to see out from. This can be useful to see people approaching, and prevent burglars from knowing if you are home or not.


A good security door has more than one type of lock. Ideally you would have a mix of locks with one only accessible from the inside. Using a digital pin-pad is a popular option, though it can be less secure if someone spies on your code or hears you tell it to a guest.

Having a triple lock in a parrot shape is the most secure on a front door. There are also the options of double locks, single locks, and straight shaped locks.


A security system in the front is not particularly helpful if an intruder can waltz through the open backdoor. By covering all entrances, even windows, you’re creating a physical barrier that actually works. Make sure that windows can lock, have double sashes, or bars over them.


There’s little point in getting a security door that isn’t fitted correctly or has gaps in it. For a robust security system, all doors should be installed by someone who fits it in a way that prevents breaking in.

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