At Stan Bond Security in Perth, we care about the security of our community and want to offer you the best protection available. This is why we have developed a range of customised property security options to help retain your privacy while protecting your home from intruders, pests and harsh weather. This includes security doors, gates, fences and more.

To help you protect your valuables and loved ones, here are our five top tips for intruder-proofing your doors.

1. Choose a High-Quality Security Door

Security doors need to be solid. That means you want a quality security door made from strong aluminium, steel or fibreglass. At Stan Bond Security we have a range of tough and customisable security doors in a great range of designs to suit your project needs, style and budget requirements.

2. Add Security Door Screen Mesh

Our security doors at Stan Bond Security don’t require a mesh as the first point of defence, but it can provide extra privacy for your home. Our privacy mesh allows for a good view from the inside but not the outside, meaning you can enjoy your garden without sacrificing on security.

3. Go Windowless and/or Add Door Grilles  

Door windows allow light to filter into your entranceway and they look inviting, but they’re also a home security risk. If the window is located within arm’s reach of your lock, it is easy to smash the window and unlock your door from the inside.

If you’re looking for a secure new door, we recommend choosing one of our security doors, which do not have windows. If you already have a windowed door, you’ll need to take a few extra security measures. Consider adding door grilles, bars or metal reinforcements, or get one of our security professionals in Perth to install a quality lock on your door. Leading onto our next tip…

4. Ensure you have a Quality Lock Fitted

They say a door is only as strong as its lock – and they couldn’t be more right. Even the strongest, reinforced steel door can be neutralised by one swift kick if your lock does not extend deep enough into the door frame. At Stan Bond Security our trusted door locks include triple lock systems to ensure that even a strong and forceful impact is no match for the strength of our doors.

5. Don’t Overlook the Door Frame

Don’t overlook the door frame. This element is essential to door security. At Stan Bond Security we manufacture and install some of the strongest and most durable security doors in Perth. We use SecuraScreen screens in the construction of our security doors. These security doors are made from a strong aluminium steel frame with woven industrial grade stainless steel mesh.

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