If you really want to enhance the security of your home or business, steel doors are a great option. Not only do steel doors offer increased strength, they also provide a sound barrier, an aesthetic feature, and much more. Read on to discover the amazing – and sometimes unexpected – benefits of steel doors.

  1. The Ultimate Security Door

When combined with a good locking system, and Secura fly screens, steel doors provide an intimidating obstacle.

A steel door may even provide protection against more than just burglars – powerful Perth storm winds will be stopped in their tracks. For businesses, installing steel doors between rooms or different areas of a warehouse can slow or stop the spread of fire and they provide a fire safety boost for homes too.

  1. Durability

Traditional wooden doors are susceptible to damage from impacts, the wind, rot, and even fluctuating temperatures and humidity. Steel doors, on the other hand, are incredibly tough and durable. They can withstand impacts, high winds, even fire – and steel isn’t susceptible to rot, termites, or splintering under the pressure of a shifting building. A good steel door should give you at least 30 years of flawless use.

  1. Cut Down on Energy Costs

Even the best-fitted wooden doors are problematic when it comes to heating and cooling. Because wood can warp and change over time, a wooden door that starts out with a perfect seal may be compromised within a year. Without a proper seal, you’ll be paying extra on heating and cooling bills to counter the air being let in. Steel doors are specially constructed to create a thermal seal and they won’t shift and warp over time, saving you money in the long run.

  1. A Sustainable Option

Steel is the world’s most recycled material. Even when mixed with other alloys, steel can be re-processed fairly easily since it can be separated from the waste stream using magnets. Steel can be recycled and turned into new high-quality metal over and over again, which makes steel doors a greener choice for your home or business.

  1. A Quieter Home or Business

Steel doors provide powerful noise insulation. This is great news, whether you are trying to keep noise out or avoid creating noise pollution from a loud workshop or factory. Even if your home or business is on a busy road, your steel door will act as an effective noise barrier. Combined with double glazed windows, steel doors could keep your home or business peaceful in the middle of Canning Highway.

  1. Enhanced Curb Appeal

A new painted or stained steel front, side, or back door can add style and architectural interest to your home or business. If you don’t want the modern look of a steel door, many suppliers offer wood facades. This way, you can get an old-world look but still reap the benefits.

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